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Series A - History of the Jewish People Series B - The Jewish and Eretz Israel Labor Movement Series C - The Jewish Community (Yishuv) in Eretz Israel Series D - Antisemitism and the Holocaust

Series A - History of the Jewish People

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Das Zwoelf-Staemmesystem, M. Noth: Transl. by J.M. Grintz (from Geschichte Israels). Jerusalem, 1958. 19pp.


Decisions doctrinales du Grand Sanhedrin, 1807. Jerusalem, 1958. 72pp. French & Hebrew.


Das Koenigtum in dem Reich Israel und Juda, A. Alt: Transl. by J.M. Grintz. Jerusalem, 1959. 31pp.


La Diplomatique (The Rules of Documents), (Ed. by D. Jacoby). Jerusalem, 1959. 19pp.


Traces of Freedom of Thought among Rabbis of Poland in the 16th Century, S.P. Rabinowitz: Transl. by J.D. Abramsky. Jerusalem, 1959. 22pp.


The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela, Ed. by M.N. Adler 1907. Jerusalem, 1960.


"Die Landnahme der Israeliten in Palastina" (from Kleine Schriften), A. Alt: Transl. by D. Barag. Jerusalem, 1960. 62pp.


Chassidiana [writings opposing the Hassidim] Ed. by S. Dubnow (ed.): (1918). Jerusalem, 1962. 43pp.


The Early Wissenschaft des Judentums, L. Zunz, E. Wolf (3 articles, 1818-1823). Transl. by I. Eldad. Jerusalem, 1963. 75pp.


Voltaire: Les Juifs [a controversy in 6 articles by Voltaire and others]. Transl. by A. Zemah Jerusalem, 1963. 62pp.


The Scroll of Ahimaaz (MS), Jerusalem, 1964. 40pp.


Reasons for Naturalizing the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland, J. Toland: (1714). Jerusalem, 1964. 77pp. English.


Agobard, Bishop of Lyons: Epistolae Contra Judaeos, Transl. by A. Gilboa. Jerusalem, 1964. 52pp.


The City of London: Public Meetings Against the Persecution of the Jews in Russia (1882, 1890). Jerusalem, 1964. 110pp.


The Judge in Israel [M. Noth: "Das Amt des 'Richters Israels'"; Hertzberg: "Die kleiner Richter"]. Jerusalem, 1965. 30pp.


Sefer Vikuach (1798), R. Israel Loebel. Jerusalem, 1965. 42pp.


Julian the Apostate: Vicisti Galilae, Transl. by D. Rokeah. Jerusalem, 1965. 56pp.


Liber Nizzachon Vetus (1681). Jerusalem, 1965. 131pp.Temporarily out of print.


Meir of Szezebrzezyn, N.N. Hannover: Texts on the Massacres of the Years 1648-49. Introduction by M. Rosman. Jerusalem, 1965. 44pp.


The Controversy on "Official enlightenment" in Russia, 1842-3. Documents. Jerusalem 1966. 84pp.- out of print


J. Tucker: Two Letters Concerning Naturalizations, 1753. Jerusalem, 1966. 85pp.


Autonomous City Rule in the Ancient East; Three Studies on Ugarit, by M. L. Gelzer and N. B. Jankovskaya. Jerusalem, 1966. 34pp.


Die Fastenrolle [Ta'aanit] (Lichtenstein-Avneri ed.) Jerusalem ,1966. 34pp.


Documants on the Judean Desert Sect ("The Zadokite Documents"; "The Manual of Discipline"). Jerusalem, 1966. 30pp.


G.E. Lessing: Erzziehung des Menschengeschlechts (1785). Transl. by Y. Klein. Jerusalem, 1967. 90pp. Hebrew & German.


R. David of Makov: Shever Posh'im (MS). Jerusalem, 1967. 150pp.


Pamphlets from the "Jew Bill" Controversy, 1753. Jerusalem, 1968.111pp. English.


Problems of the Period of the Monarchy in Israel; articles by J. A. Soggin, A. Penna, H. Graf Reventlow, H. J.Boecker, L. H. Schiffman and R. de Vaux. Jerusalem, 1968. 74pp.


The Regulations of the Cracow Jewish Community 1559. Jerusalem, 1969. 78pp.


Orhot Zadiqim; Collection of Ethics from the Late Middle Ages (1581). Jerusalem, 1969. 114pp.


Documenta Tumultus Iudaici Tempore Traiani Imperatoris, A.D. 115-117. Transl. by D. Rokeah. Jerusalem, 1970. 448pp.


Profiat Duran, Be Not Like Unto Thy Fathers. (MS). Jerusalem, 1972. 152pp.


Crafts, Army and Judicial Practice at Ugarit: Three Studies. Transl. from Russian and French. Jerusalem, 1971. 128pp.


Celsus: The True Word. Transl. and annotated by D. Rokeach. Jerusalem, 1971. 92pp. Hebrew & Greek.


Sefer Divre Negidim. Transl. by Zvi Hirsch of Ilfeld, Amsterdam 1799. Jerusalem, 1972. 114pp.


Memoirs of R. Dov Ber of Bolecow, 1723-1805. Jerusalem, 1972. 113pp.


The Rationalist Stand (two early pamphlets on the Maimonides Controversy). Jerusalem, 1972. 35pp.


B. Disraeli: The Jewish Question (1852). Jerusalem, 1973. 26pp. English.


R. Haim b. Musa: Sefer Magen Uromaah and a Letter To His Son (MS). Jerusalem, 1970. 151pp.


D.F. Mendes: Kol Tefila Ve Kol Zimra (MS, Amsterdam, 1769). Jerusalem, 1973. 83pp.


Jews of Elephantine and Arameans of Syene. Aramaic Texts with Translation. Ed. and newly transl. by S. Porten). Jerusalem, 1974. 165pp. Hebrew, Aramiac & English.


Jacob Emden, Sefer Shimush. Jerusalem, 1975. 178pp.


J. Salvador: Histoire des Institutions de Moise et du Peuple Hebreu. Transl. by A. Ben-Naim. Preface by M. Graetz. Jerusalem, 1975. VIII, 72, 111pp. Hebrew & French.


D. Friedlander: Sendschreiben an seine Hochwurden Herrn Oberconsistorialrath und Probst Teller (1799). Transl. by M. Di-Nur; Introduction by R. Cohen. Jerusalem, 1975. XII, 33, 68pp. Hebrew & German.


I.B. Levinsohn: Te'udah Be-Yisrael. Introduction by I. Etkes. Jerusalem, 1977. 19, [48], 193pp. (in cooperation with Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, Jerusalem.)


Letters and Documents of the Relationship Between the Center and the Local Community in the 10th to 11th Centuries. Ed. and Introduction by H.H. Ben-Sasson. Jerusalem, 1977. 122pp.


R. Yehudah Hakohen: Sefer Hadinim. Ed. and Introduction by A. Grossman. Jerusalem, 1977. 150pp.


The Taqqanot of the Jews of Morocco: A Collection of Communal Ordinances from the 16th to 18th Centuries as found in "Kerem Hemer" II by Avraham Ankawa. Introduction by S. Bar-Asher. Jerusalem, 1977. 150pp.


Josippon--The Original Version (MS Jerusalem 8 411280 and supplements). Ed. and Introduction by David Flusser. Jerusalem, 1978. 319pp.


Abraham Geiger: Selected Writings on Religious Reforms. Introduction by M. A. Meyer, Transl. by G. Eliashberg. Jerusalem, 1980. 120pp. (in cooperation with Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion).


Mayer Balaban: Bibliography on the History of the Jews in Poland and in Neighboring Lands: Works published during the years 1900-1930. Introduction by E. Mendelsohn. Jerusalem, 1978. 112pp.


Two Chronicles from the Generation of the Spanish Exile. Introduction by A. David. Jerusalem 1979. 56pp.


The History of the Jews of Yemen from Their Own Chronicles. Introduction by Y. Tobi. Jerusalem 1979. 301pp.


Yoseph Sambary, Sefer Divrei Yoseph (MS Paris). Introduction by S. Shtober. Jerusalem 1971. 264pp.


The Polemical Writings of Profiat Duran; The Reproach of the Gentiles and "Be Not Like Untro Thy Fathers" Edited with an Introduction and Notes by frank Talmadge. Jerusalem 1981. 99pp.


Leviathan, Saul Asher. Introduction by M. Graetz. Transl. I. Shidletski. Jerusalem 1982. 89pp. (in cooperation with Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion).


The Legal Condition Of the Jews in the Roman Empire, A. M. Rabello, based on Jean Juster. Jerusalem 1987. 112pp.


Sefer HaNizzahon,Yom-Tov Lipmann Mulhausen. Introduction by F. Talmage. Jerusalem 1983. 305pp. (In cooperation with the Center of Jewish Research in Jewish History of Central Europe.)


Ketav Tamim; 13th Century Controversy Over Saadian Theology (MS), R. Moshe Taku. Introduction by J. Dan. Jerusalem 1984. 118pp.


Aspects of the German Rabbinate in the 16th Century; The Dispute Betrween the Rabbis of Frankfurt and Schwabia in 1564-1565. Introduction and Notes by E. Zimmer. Jerusalem 1984. 105pp.


The Judean Clans and Families (I Chronicles 2:4) Julius Wellhausen, Preface and Notes: G. Galil, transl. from the Latin: L. Ullmann. Jerusalem 1985. 40,41pp. Hebrew & Latin.


Salomon Lowisohn; A Selection of his Works. Introduction by R. Michael. Jerusalem 1984. 56pp. (In cooperation with the Center for Research in Jewish History of Central Europe.)


A Hebrew Chronicle from Prague (c. 1615). Introduction and Notes by A. David. Jerusalem 1984. 71pp. (In cooperation with the Center for Research in Jewish History of Central Europe.)


Sefer Hasidim (MS Parma H3280). Introduction by Ivan G. Marcus. Jerusalem 1985. 406, Xpp.


The German Rabbinical Conferences, 1844-1846. Introduction by M. Meyer, Transl. by Z. Jacobson. Jerusalem 1986. 65, VIIpp.


Lupouchin's Memorandum; The Russian Secret Police Report on the Zionist Movement (1897-1902). Introduction and Notes by Y. Goldstein, Transl. by Y. Harussi. Jerusalem 19889. 187pp. Hebrew & French.


Henri Baptiste Gregoire, Essai sur la regeneration physique, mmorale et politique des Juifs. Introduction by Richard Cohen, Transl. by L. Zagagi. Jerusalem 1989. 187pp. Hebrew & French.


Judaism and Christianity in Pagan Polemics: Celsus, Porphyry, Julian. Introduction, Transl. and Notes by David Rokeach. Jerusalem 1991. 260pp.


Ein Wort der Mahnung an Israel, Mosche Pinchas Elchanan (Hyle) Wechsler. Introduction and Notes by Rivka Horowitz, Transl. by N. Bamberger Bar-Giora. Jerusalem 1991. 126pp.


Critisicism of Society and Leadership in the Musar and Drush Literature in 18th Century Poland, Yeshayahu Shachar. Jerusalem 1992. 87pp.


Pacifism and Torah; Works by Aaron Samuel Tamares. Introduction by Ehud Luz. Jerusalem 1992. 242pp. Hebrew & Yiddish. (In cooperation with Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion.)


From Militant to Conservative Maskil, S.J.Fuenn. Introduction by Shmuel Feiner. Jerusalem 1993. 204pp.


Etwas zur Charackteristick der Juden, Lazarus Bendavid. Introduction by M. Graetz, Biography and Bibliography by D. Bourel, Transl. by Ch. Fraenkel. Jerusalem 1994. Hebrew & German.


Nationaljudenthum, Moritz Gudemann. Introduction by R.S. Wistrich, Transl. by M. Di-Nur. Jerusalem 1995.


Kundes, Edited by Mordechai Zalkin, Jerusalem 1997, 76pp.


Ydele verwachtinge der Joden getoont in den Persoon van Sabethai Zevi, Thomas Coenen, Jerusalem 1998, 116pp.


Nationaljudenthum, Moritz M. Gudemann, Jerusalem 1995, 76pp.


Haim Nahoum – Un Grand Rabbin Sepharade en Politique 1892 – 1923, Introduction and Notes by Esther Benbassa, Jerusalem 1998, 207pp.


Textbook of Aramaic, Hebrew and Nabataean Documentary Texts from the Judean Desert and Related Material and Documents Vol. A, Ada Yardeni, Jerusalem 2000, 564pp.


Textbook of Aramaic, Hebrew and Nabataean Documentary Texts from the Judean Desert and Related Material and Documents Vol. B, Ada Yardeni, Jerusalem 2000, 564pp.


Un drame socio-culturel à Alep à l'époque du ,mandat français, Zvi Zohar, Jerusalem 2002, 143 pp. (Hebrew and documents French with Hebrew Transl.)


The Jew as the "Other" in Hungarian Literature, 1799-1847: An Anthology, Edited by: Anna Szalia, Jerusalem 2003, 217pp.


The Emancipation of the Jews (1840) - Jozsef Eotvos (Introduction and Notes: Guy Meron), Jerusalem 2003,45pp.


The Jewish-Christian Debate on the Eve of Modernity - Joshua Serge of Scandiano and his Asham Talui, David Malkiel, Jerusalem 2004, 339pp.


Voices of Jewish Women - Writings of Jewish Learned Women of the Nineteenth Century, Margalit Shilo, Jerusalem 2004, 276pp.


The New-Christians in Portugal in the 20th Century, Samuel Schwarz, Jerusalem 2005, 287pp.


Stages in the Historiography of Russian Jewry, Avraham Greenbaum, Jerusalem 2006, 105pp.


Sefer Hasidim: A Lost Anti-Hasidic Polemic, Uriel Gellman, Jerusalem 2007, 175pp.

98 Ben Zion Dinur: Posthumous and Other Writings, edited by Arielle Rein, Jerusalem 2009, 395pp.
99 Ahad Ha'am and Herzel: The Struggle for Political and Cultural Nature of Zionism in the Shade of Altneuland Affair, Yossi Goldstein, Jerusalem 2011, 235pp.

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Series B - The Jewish and Eretz Israel Labor Movement

In cooperation with the Jewish Labour Movement Research Project

no. Title


Rudin, Dragomanov, Axelrod: Essays from the Years 1880-1882. Transl. by M. Mishkinsky and M. Moyal. Jerusalem 1996. 40pp.


Ha-Emet, the First Socialist Periodical in Hebrew (1876). Jerusalem 1966. 74pp.


What Should Russian Jewry Do? (1886), A. Ilyaschewitz. Transl. by M. Moyal. Jerusalem 1967. 43pp.


A Jew to Jews (1892), E. Khasin (H. Zhittlowsky). Transl. by I. Dolzhansky. Jerusalem 1967. 31pp.


Asefat Hakhamim, the Second Socialist Periodical in Hebrew (1877-1878). Jerusalem 1967. 136pp.


May Day 1892; Four Orations by Jewish Workers. Transl. by T. Dolzhansky & M. Mishkinsky. Jerusalem 1967. 79pp. Hebrew & Russian.


Jewish Labour Unions in England (regulations) (1886-1890). Jerusalem 1967. 84pp. Yiddish & English.


A Letter to the Agitators ( Vilna, 1893-94), S. Gozzhansky. Transl. by N. Ginton. Jerusalem 1967. 36pp.


The Turning Point in the History of the Jewiash Labour Movement (1895), J. Martov [Zederbaum]. Transl. by M. Moyal. Jerusalem 1968. 33pp. Hebrew & Russian.


Protocols of the Hebrew Socialist Union in London (1876). Transl. by N. Ginton. Jerusalem 1968. 73pp. Hebrew & Yiddish.


The First Conference of the Zionist Workers' Union in Russia (Minsk 1901). Transl by N. Ginton. Jerusaelm 1968. 32pp.


Hapoel Hamizrahi in Eretz Yisrael; Bibliographical and Chronological Lists 1920-1928, Prepared and Edited by J. Salomon. Jerusalem 1968, 135pp.


The "Lumina" [Russian Jewish Socialist Association] Memorandum to the Congress of the [Socialist] International (1896). Transl. by A. Halevy. Jerusalem 1969. 11pp. Hebrew & German.


Antisemitisme et Revolution (Paris 1895), B. Lazar. Transl. by Y. Benditer. Jerusalem 1969. 30pp. Hebrew & French.- out of print


The Various Trends in Poale-Zion (Minsk 1904). Transl. by A. Halevy. Jerusalem 1969. 64pp.


Autobiography of Branislaw Grosser (1911). Transl. by N. Ginton. Jerusalem 1970.


Notes of a Social Democrat (Chapters on Vilna 1893-94), J. Martov [Zederbaum]. Transl. by Y. Ginor. Jerusalem 1970. 66pp.


Le Proletariat Juif--Lettre des Ouvriers Juifs de Paris au Parti Socialiste Francais (1898). Transl. by M. B. Cohen. Jerusalem 1970. 41pp. Hebrew & French.


Report of the Fourth Convention of the Bund. Transl. by T. Dolzhansky. Jerusalem 1971. 33pp.


My Life, V. Medem. Transl. by N. Ginton. Jerusalem 1973. 85pp.


The Vozrozhdenie Movement and the Jewish Socialist Party. Introduction and Notes by A. Greenbaum. Jerusalem 1989. 101pp. (In cooperation with the Lavon Center for the Study of the Labour Movement.)


The Periodical Publications of the Jewish Labor and Revolutionary Movements in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, 1877-1916; An Annotated Bibliography. Comp. by Avraham Greenbaum.


The Cahan Debate (1925 – 1926) – Zionism and Eretz-Israel in the American Jewish Socialist Thought, Y.N. Goldstein, Jerusalem 1999, 245pp.

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Series C- The Jewish Community (Yishuv) in Eretz Israel

no. Title


Nach Jerusalem 1858 (Selected Chapters), L. A. Frankl. Jerusalem 1973. 170pp. (Published in cooperation with Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi.)


Diary and Letters from Voyages. Palestine in the 1830's, L. Loewe and Sir M. and Lady J. Montefiore; selected passages. Jerusalem 1974. 171pp. (Published in cooperation with Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi.)


Research on Eretz Israel and the Yishuv in Israeli Universities. Ed. by J. Barnai. Jerusalem 1974. 65pp. (Published in cooperation with Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi.)


Korot Haitim, Menahem Mendel ben Aharon of Kamieniec. Introduction by I. Bartal. Jerusalem 1975. 86pp. Hebrew & Yiddish (Published in cooperation with Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi.)


Private Journal of a Visit to Egypt and Palestine 1827, Lady Judith Montefiore. Ed. by I. Bartal. Jerusalem 1975. IV, 111pp. English (Published in cooperation with Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi.)


In Oriental Lands (1910), A. S. Hirschberg. Introduction by I Bartal. Jerusalem 1977. 7, 556pp. (Published in cooperation with Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi.)


A Census of the Jews of Eretz Israel (1839). Introduction by H. Assouline. Jerusalem 1987. 242pp.


Shivat Zion, A.Y. Slucki, Introduction and notes by Y. Salmon, Jerusalem 1998, 376pp.


The Sephardic Jews in Eretz Israel in changing Times, Collection of Articles, Jerusalem 2000, 195pp.

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Series D- Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

In cooperation with Yad Vashem

no. Title


Das Judentum in der Mussik (1850), Richard Wagner. Introduction by O. D. Kulka, Transl. by A. Carmel. Jerusalem 1973. 56pp. Hebrew & German.


Central Verein deutscher Staatsburger juedischen Glaubens. Introduction by J. Borut, Transl. by B. Freundlich.

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Publications of Studies

Zemah David: A Chronicle of Jewish and World history (Prague 1592), David Gans. Ed. with introduction and notes by Mordechai Breuer. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1983. 495pp.

Studies in 'Megillat Teman': Community of Sana, Shabbateanism, Iraqi family, Mahris, Yosef Tobi. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1986. 226pp.

I. M. Jost: Founder of Modern Jewish Historiography, Rueven Michael. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1983. 218pp.

Jewish Artisans in Moldavia, Eliyahu Feldman. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1982. 249pp.

The Use of Responsa as Historical Source: A Methodological Introduction, Haym Soloveitchik. Jerusalem, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of History of the Jewish People/Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History, 1990. 133pp.

The Elders in Ancient Israel: Study of A Biblical Institution, Hanoch Reviv. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1983.193pp.

Historiography and Nationalism; Trends in the Research of the History of Jews in Palestine, 634-1881, Jacob Barnai. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1995. 249pp.

Pinkas Tiktin, Mordechai Nadav. Jerusalem, The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Joselmann of Rosheim and his Place in Jewish Historiography, Chava Fraenkel. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1996. 420pp.
Upheaval and Change: A Millennium of Jewish History (1000 – 2000 C.E.), Lee I. Levine (ed.). Jerusalem, The Dinur Center, 2002. 53pp.

Memoirs of the Lithuanian Yeshiva, Immanuel Etkes and Shlomo Tikochinski (eds.). Jerusalem, The Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History, 2004. 434pp.

Continuity and Renewal: Jews and Judaism in Byzantine-Christian Palestine, Lee I. Levine (ed.). Jerusalem, Yad Ben-Zvi Press and The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 2004. 588pp.
Chapters in the History of Orthodoxy, Moshe Samet. Jerusalem, Carmel Publishing, 2005. 432pp.
Maidens Love Thee: The Religios and Spirirual Life of Jewish Ashkenazic Women in the Early Modern Period, Yemima Chovav, Jerusalem, Carmel Publishing, 2009. 516pp.

Gershom Scholem and Joseph Weiss: Correspondence 1948 - 1964. Noam Zadoff (ed.), Jerusalem Carmel Publishing, 2012. 413pp.

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