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About The Dinur Center

 The Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History was established by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the State of Israel in July 1974, on the anniversary of the death of Professor Ben-Zion Dinur. The founders of the Center envisioned its role as a major academic vehicle for fostering research in all areas of Jewish History.  

The Dinur Center aims to promote the study of Jewish History throughout the ages, from the biblical to contemporary eras in both Israel and the Diaspora. Among its activities are the sponsorship and publication of a wide range of materials - over 100 publications have appeared to date. The Center also sponsors symposia open to the public as well as academic international conferences on central issues in Jewish History. Annual fellowships are granted to undergraduate and graduate students of the Hebrew University. 

The Dinur web-site highlights the Center's agenda for the promotion of the study and research of Jewish History throughout the ages, as well as the compilation of information relating to the study of Jewish History throughout the world. If you are reading these words, you have joined more than 30,000 annual hits into this leading site.

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