Archaeological Excavations Relating to Jewish History

Afek Akko Ara Ashdod Ashkelon
Avdat Banias Beersheba Belvoir Beth Guvrin
Beth Shean Beth She'arim Bethsaida Caesarea Cana
Caphernaum Carmel Caves Dan Dor Tell Dothan
Eilat Region Ein Gedi Ekron (Miqne) El Ahawat El-Ajjul
El-Far'ah (South) 'En Haseva Gamla Gilgal Golan
Tell Halif (Lahav) Hamat Gader Har Karkom Hazor Herodion
Hippos (Sussita) Jericho Jerusalem Tel Kedesh Kfar HaHoresh
Lachish Lahav Maresha Masada Mount 'Ebal
Megiddo Nahal Tillah Nazareth Nimrod Fortress Qasile
Qumran Ramla Tel Rehov Rekhes Nafha Rogem Ganim
Tell es-Safi/Gath Sepphoris Sha'ar Hagolan Shikhin Shiqmim
Tell en-Nasbeh Timna Yafo Yaqush Yavneh-Yam
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    Beth She'arim:
    Beit She'arim - The Jewish necropolis of the Roman Period

    The Bethsaida Excavations Project Consortium
    Bethsaida - Ancient Fishing Village on shore of the Sea of Galilee (M.F.A)
    The BethSaida Excavations

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    Caesarea Maritima :
    Excavate at Caesarea Maritima
    Another Latin Honorific Column from Caesarea Maritima
    Combined Caesarea Expeditions:
    Underwater Excavations of Sebastos: King Herod's Harbor
    Summary Report of Results from the 1998 Summer Season
    Bibliography: Combined Caesarea Expeditions
    Caesarea - from Roman City to Crusader Fortress (M.F.A)

    Caesarea, Archaeology in Israel - (The Jewish Magazine)
    Caesarea Maritima (Bibarch)

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    Cana of the Galilee:
    University of Puget Sound: Khirbet Cana

    Caphernaum :
    The Capernaum Synagogue
    Capharnaum - the town of Jesus

    Capernaum (Bibarch)

    Carmel Caves:
    The Carmel Caves - Dwellings of Prehistoric Man (M.F.A)

    Dan: the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology Project
    Dan: The Biblical City
    The Tel Dan Inscription
    Dan - Biblical City (M.F.A)

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    Tel Dor :
    Tel Dor Excavation Project
    Tel Dor Bibliography

    Tell Dothan :
    The Dothan Project Publication Page which includes (among other things):
        Photos from the Excavation of Tomb I.
        QuickTime VR Files of Figurine Lamp.
    Thumbnail Indices of Selected Objects

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    Eilat Region:
    The Eilat Region - Southern Gateway

    Ein Gedi :
    Ein Gedi Oasis Excavations
    Ein Gedi - An Ancient Oasis Settlement (M.F.A)

    Ekron (Tel Miqne):
    The Ekron Inscription
    Gitin, Seymour; Dothan, Trude; and Naveh, Joseph: "Ekron Identity Confirmed." (Archaeology 51.1 (1998):30-31)
    Ekron - a Philistine City (M.F.A)

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    Tell El-Ajjul Research Project

    El-Far'ah (South):
    Tel El-Far'ah

    Gamala: Jewish City on the Golan (M.F.A)
    Gamla - The Synagogue

    Gamla - Archaeology in Israel - (The Jewish Magazine)
    Gamla - (The Unofficial Guide)

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    Gilgal 1999 Overview

    Golan :
    Rediscovering the Ancient Golan—The Golan Archaeological Museum

    Tell Halif (Lahav) :
    DigMaster: Cobb Institute of Archaeology: A database of figurines from the Persian (and Iron II) Age of the Ancient Near East.
    Lahav Research Project Excavations at Tell Halif

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    Hamat Gader:
    Hamat Gader - Baths of Medicinal Hot Springs (M.F.A)

    Hippos (Sussita):

    Haifa University Hippos (Sussita) Project

    'En Haseva :
    The Iron Age Fortresses at 'En Haseva (Cohen, Rudolph and Yisrael, Yigal Biblical Archaeologist, Volume 58, Number 4, December 1995)
    Ein Hatzeva: An Israelite Fortress on the Border with Edom (M.F.A)

    Har Karkom:
    Har Karkom -
    The Riddle of Mount Sinai Archaeological Discoveries at Har Karkom (The book)

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    Hazor :
    The Tel Hazor Excavation Project - Home Page
    Yearly Excavation Reports
    Hatzor - "The Head of all those Kingdoms" (M.F.A)
    Hazor (Bibarch)

    Herodium - The Synagouge

    Jericho: The Archaeology of the Ancient City of Jericho
    Archaeology in Israel - Jericho - (The Jewish Magazine)
    To what extent did Kathleen Kenyon's excavations at Jericho revolutionise ideas previously held by prehistorians about Neolithic society?

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    Warren, Charles and Claude Reigner Conder: The Survey of Western Palestine [1886]. (Excerpts) Wilson, Charles W.: Ordinance Survey of Jerusalem [1886]. (Excerpts)
    The Western Wall and its Tunnels (JSOURCE)
    The Western Wall Tunnels: An Archaeological Appraisal (JSOURCE)
    Jerusalem: The City of David
    Jerusalem: An Inscribed Pomegranate from the Solomonic Temple (JSOURCE)
    Jerusalem: Burial Sites and Tombs of the Second Temple Period (JSOURCE)
    Jerusalem: Silver Plaques
    Jerusalem: The Northern Gate of Aelia Capitolina (JSOURCE)
    Jerusalem: Umayyad Administration Center and Palaces (JSOURCE)
    The Temple (JSOURCE)
    Jerusalem - The Herodian Street Along the Western Wall (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem's Essene Gate

    Jerusalem: The Circuit of the Walls

    Palestine Explored: Mount Zion
    Jerusalem - Burial Sites (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem - The Citadel (M.F.A)

    Jerusalem - City of David (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem - Church of the Holy Sepulcher (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem - Nea Church and Cardo (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem - Northern Gate of Aelia Capitolina (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem - Pomegranate from Solomonic Temple (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem - Silver Plaques (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem - Umayyad Center and Palaces (M.F.A)
    Jerusalem - Western Wall and its Tunnels (M.F.A)
    Dome of the Rock

    Archaeology in Israel - Jerusalem and The Western Wall Tunnel - (The Jewish Magazine)
    The Cenacle (Bibarch)                              
    The Jerusalem Archaeological Park

     The Key to David's City: Uncovering Ancient Jerusalem

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    Tel Kedesh:
    Michigan/Minnesota Excavations at Tel Kedesh

    Lachish - Royal City of the Kingdom of Judah

    Excavations and Restoration work at Tel Lachish
    Lachish (Bibarch)

    DigMaster: Cobb Institute of Archaeology

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    DigMaster: Cobb Institute of Archaeology
    Maresha - Bar Ilan University (must have Flash installed!)

    Masada - Desert Fortress Overlooking the Dead Sea
    Masada - The credibility of Josephus
    Masada - The Synagouge
    Archaeology in Israel: Masada - (The Jewish Magazine)
    Masada - (The Unofficial Guide)

    The Megiddo Expedition
    Megiddo - Bibliography
    Tel Megiddo - The Bible Study
    Megiddo (bibleplaces)

    Mount 'Ebal
    Mount 'Ebal - The Real Story

    Nahal Tillah :
    Nahal Tillah Regional Archaeological Project

    Tell en-Nasbeh :
    The Tell en-Nasbeh Research Project
    Tell en-Nasbeh: Biblical Mizpah of Benjamin
    Tell en-Nasbeh: Bibliography
    Tell en-Nasbeh: Site Plan
    Tell en-Nasbeh Research Project - Curriculum Vita Jeffrey R. Zorn, Director

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    The Nazareth Village Farm

    Nazareth - Archaeological Excavations

    Nimrod Fortress:
    The Nimrod Fortress - Muslim Stronghold on Golan (M.F.A)

    Tel Qasile - Archaeology in Tel Aviv - (The Jewish Magazine)

    Tel Qasile: A Philistine Settlement with a Temple

    Qumran - Overview
    CAVE TOUR - Orion Center Photographs of manuscripts from Qumran, the site of the Scrolls discovery
    The Qumran Library
    The World of the Scrolls
    Qumran - (The Unofficial Guide)

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    Ramla - Arab Capital of the Province of Palestine (M.F.A)

    Tel Rehov:
    Tel Rehov: The Beth Shean Valley
    Tel Rehov: The 1997-1998 Excavations at Tel Rehov: Preliminary Report

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    Rogem Ganim:
    The Rogem Ganim

    Tell es-Safi/Gath:
    The Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project

    Sepphoris (Zippori):
    Zippori (Sepphoris), Hebrew University Excavations

    Project, University of South Florida :
    The Web Page for the USF Excavations at Sepphoris
    Glass Finds From Sepphoris (1983-1991): A Preliminary Report
    Report of the Excavations: 3 May-18 July, 1993
    Report of the Excavations: 14 June-15 July, 1994
    Report of the Excavations: 12 June-14 July, 1995
    The 1996 Season at Sepphoris
    The 1997 Season at Sepphoris
    The 1998 Season at Sepphoris
    The 1999 Season at Sepphoris

    The 2000/2001 Season at Sepphoris
    A Working Bibliography of Material About Sepphoris

    Archaeology in Israel - Zippori (Sepphoris) - (The Jewish Magazine)

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    Sha'ar Hagolan :
    Archaeological Excavations at Sha'ar Hagolan - A Neolithic Art Center in the Jordan Valley, Israel
    Sha'ar Hagolan - Neolithic Village (M.F.A)

    Timna - Valley of the Ancient Copper Mines (M.F.A)