The Building of a State

(History before 1948, Independence)

please note many of the sites in this section are in Hebrew


 General  The Ottoman Empire The British Mandate Ha'apalah - Illegal Immigration
(Story of Ships)
Aliyah Underground The War of Independence Independence Day Memorial Day Symbols: Insignia, Flags, Decorations, Medals, Stamps HaTikvah (National Anthem) miscellaneous



The Ottoman Empire:

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The British Mandate:


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Etzel - the Irgun:

Lehi ("The Srern Gang"):

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Ha'apalah - Illegal Immigration:

Aliyah (Immigration):

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The War of Independence:


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Independence Day:

Memorial Day:

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Symbols: Insignia, Flags, Decorations, Medals, Stamps:

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HaTikvah (= The Hope) - National Anthem:


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