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  • Almog, Shmuel 1978
    Zionist Attitudes To The Jewish Historical Past (1896-1906).
  • Amir, David 1978
    The Galilee During The Canaanite Period And Israelite Settlement
  • Alexander, Gabriel, 1996
    Berlin Jewry and their Community During the Weimar Republic (1919-1933)
  • Alsberg, Paul Abraham 1958
    The Policy Of The Zionist Executive In ThePeriod Between The Death Of Herzl And The Outbreak Of World War I.
  • Altschuler, Mordecai 1971
    The Jewish Section Of The Communist Party Of The Ussr
  • Arnon, Zeev 1987
    Attitudes And Relations To The Jews Of The Public And The Administration In Rumania During The 19th Century <1812-1917>.
  • Bankier, David 1983
    German Society And National Socialist Antisemitism 1933-1938.
  • Barboutz, Dov„ 1994
    The Temple- Its Status and Mission According to Josephus
  • Barnai, Jacob 1975
    The "Yishuv" In Palestine During The Years 1740-1777.
  • Bartal, Israel 1980
    Non-Jews Gentile Society In East-European Hebrew And Yiddish Literature, 1856 -1914.
  • Bauer, Yehuda 1950
    Haganah And Palmach Against The Background Of Zionist Policies During The Second World War.
  • Beer, Moshe 1962
    The Amoraim Of Babylonia - Their Economical And Social Status.
  • Beinart, Haim 1965
    Trials Of Judaizers By The Toledan Inquisition.
  • Ben Avram, Baruch 1971
    The Social And Ideological Development Of Chever Hakvuzot 1928-1951.
  • Ben-Barak, Zafrira 1972
    "The Manner Of The King" And "The Manner Of The Kingdom" Basic Factors In The Establishment Of The Israelite Monarchy In The Light Of Canaanite Kingship.
  • Ben-Meir, Ruth 1993
    Gersonides' Commentary on Ecclesiastes.
  • Ben-Sasson, Chaim Hillel
    Social Thought Of The Jews In Poland In The 16th And 17th Centuries.
  • Ben-Yaacob, Abraham 1986
    The Immigration Of Babylonian Jews To India And Their Integration There.
  • Benayahu, Meir 1963
    The Toledoth Ha-Ari; The History Of The Text And Its Value As An Historical Source.
  • Bendar, Sara 1994
    The Jews of Bialystok During the Second World War,1939-1943
  • Bibelnik, Pinhas 1995
    Morranos and New Christians in New Spain During the 17th Century
  • Bodian, Miriam 1988
    The Santa Companhia De Dotar Orfans E Donzela Probres In Amsterdam 1615-1639.
  • Bonfil, Robert 1975
    The Rabbinate In Renaissance Italy <Ca.1450-1600>.
  • Breuer, Mordechai 1967
    The Ashkenazic Yeshiva At The Close Of The Middle Ages.
  • Bustanay, Oded
    The Political Status Of Israelite Transjordan During The Period Of The Monarchy <To The Fall Of Samaria>.
  • Carpi, Daniele 1967
    The Jews Of Padua During The Renaissance <1369-1509>.
  • Cohen, Yehezkel 1938
    The Attitude To The Gentile In The Halacha And In Reality In The Tannaitic Period.
  • Cohen, Yerachmiel (Richard) 1981
    The Jewish Leadership In France During World War II.
  • Dan, Yaron 1976
    Social Life In Eretz Israel In Byzantine Period In The Sixth And Seventh Centuries.
  • David, Abraham 1976
    The Historiographical Work Of Gedalya Ibn Yahya.
  • Davis, Moshe
    The Historical School Of Judaism In America.
  • Degani, Ben-Zion 1982
    The Anti-Jewish Public Opinion As A Factor Towards The Expulsion Of The Jews From German Towns. 1530-1440
  • Demsky, Aaron 1976
    Literacy In Israel And Among Neighboring Peoples In The Biblical Period.
  • Efrati, Nathan 1985
    The Jewish Community In Eretz-Israel During World War I, 1914-1918.
  • Eph'al, Israel 1971
    The Nomads On The Border Of Palestine, In The Assyrian, Babylonian And Persian Periods.
  • Ephron, Joshua
    The Hasmonean Kingdom And Simeon Ben Shatah.
  • Eshel, Hanan 1994
    The Samaritans in the Persian and Hellenistic Periods.
  • Feldman, Eliahu 1963
    History Of The Jews In Bessarabia In 19th Century.
  • Fine, Steven 1993
    The Late Antique Palestinian Synagogue as a "Holy Place"
  • Friedman, Menachem 1973
    The Ashkenazie Old Yishuv In The Mandate Period.
  • Friesel, Avyatar 1970
    Weizmann's First Steps In The Leadership Of The Zionist Movement <1917-1921>.
  • Gafni, Isaiah 1978
    The Babylonian Yeshiva; Internal Structure, Spiritual And Social Functions Within The Jewish Community In The Amoraic Period.
  • Galil, Gershon 1983
    The Genealogies Of The Tribe Of Judah.
  • Roth-Garson, Lea 1971
    The Civil And The Religious Status Of The Jews In Asia Minor From Alexander The Great To Constantine. .B.C.336-A.D.377.
  • Gelber, Yoav 1977
    The Volunteering Into The British Army In Zionist Policy 1939-1942.
  • Geva, Aharon 1980
    The Political Struggle In The Yishuv Following The Partition Plan Of The Royal Commission.
  • Giladi, Dan
    Crisis Of The Fourth Aliya, Its Causes And Economic And Ideological Effects.
  • Goldstein, Joseph (Jorge) 1993
    The Influence of the State of Israel and the Jewish Agency on Community Life in Argentina and Uruguay Between 1948-1958.
  • Goren, Jacob 1974
    The Image Of Jews And Judaism In Protestant Old Criticism From Mid 18th Century To The Thirties Of The 19th Century.
  • Govrin, Yosef 1983
    Israeli-Soviet Relations 1953-1967.
  • Graetz, Michael 1971
    Changes In The Jewish Consciousness Of French Jewry From The 1820's To The 1860's.
  • Greitzer, Dina 1995
    Ben-Gurion, Mapai and Attitude towards the Arab Minority in Israel, 1948-1956
  • Grinz, Yehoshua Meir
    The Book Of Judith And The Date Of Its Composition.
  • Gutwein, Daniel 1987
    The Anglo-Jewish Economic Elite 1882-1922: Interrelationship Of Economic, Political And Community Activities.
  • Hacker, Joseph 1978
    The Jewish Community Of Salonica From The Fifteen To The Sixteen Century; A Chapter In The Social History Of The Jews In The Ottoman Empire And Their Relations With The Authorities.
  • Haklai, Uri 1974
    The Life Work Of Nahum Zemach Against The Background Of The Revival Of Jewish Culture In Russia.
  • Hildesheimer, Esriel Ben Shalom 1984
    The Central Organization Of The German Jews In The Years 1933-1945.
  • Kallai, Zechariah 1962
    The Allotments Of The Tribes Of Israel And Their Boundaries.
  • Katzburg, Nathaniel 1962
    Political Antisemitism In Hungary In The 1880's And The 1890's.
  • Kirschenbaum, Shimshon Leib 1949
    The Immigration Of Jews Of Russia And Poland Into Germany, France And England In The Last Quarter Of The 19th Century And Their Settlement In These Countries.
  • Klausner, Israel 1940
    The Jewish Community Of Vilno In The Days Of The "Gaon".
  • Kochman, Michael 1980
    Status And Extent Of Judah In The Persian Period.
  • Kulka, Otto Dov 1975
    The "Jewish Question" In The Third Reich; Its Significance In National Socialist Ideology And Politics And Its Role In Determining The Status And Activities Of The Jews.
  • Lev-Ami, Shlomo
    Jewish Underground Organizations In Palestine <1943-46>.
  • Landau, Moshe 1972
    The Jews As A National Minority During The First Years Of Poland's Independence <1918-1926>.
  • Leshem, Yossi 1994
    "Royal" Usages in the Language of Samuel and Kings and their Contribution to Dating the Narrative Material in Judges and Ruth
  • Lozowick, Yaacov 1995
    Malicious Clerks, The Nazi Security Police and the Banality of Evil
  • Malamat, Abraham 1952
    The Aramaeans In Aram Naharaim And The Rise Of Their States.
  • Margalit, Elkana 1968
    The Ideological And Social Trends Of The Hashomer Hatzair Movement In Palestine, From The First Aliya To 1933/34.
  • Mazor, Lea 1994
    The Septuagint Translation of the Book of Joshua
  • Menachem, Nachum 1990
    Syrian And Lebanese Jewry In The Crossfire Of Arab Nationalism And The Zionist Movement (Between The Two World Wars).
  • Mevorah, Barouh
    The Problem Of The Messiah In The Emancipation And Reform Controversies 1781- 1819.
  • Michael, Reuven
    The Renewal Of Interest In The History Of The Jewish People At The Beginning Of The 19th Century.
  • Michman, Dan 1978
    The Jewish Refugees From Germany In The Netherlands 1933-1940.
  • Minc, Matatiahu 1976
    Ber Borokhov: July 1900 - February 1906; His Political Activities And Ideological Concepts.
  • Mishkinsky, Moshe 1965
    National Elements In The Development Of The Jewish Labour Movement In Russia.
  • Mor, Menahem
    The Bar Kochba Revolt: Causes, Participants, Leaders And Results.
  • Morgenstern, Arie 1984
    The Pekidim And Amarcalim Of Amsterdam And The Jewish Community In Palestine 1810-1840.
  • Nadav, Mordehai 1964
    History Of The Jews Of Pinsk, 1506-1706.
  • Ne'eman, Yehuda 1987
    Sepphoris In The Period Of The Second Temple, Mishna And The Talmud.
  • Nerel, Gershon 1996
    'Messianic Jews' in Eretz-Israel, (1917-1967)
  • Newman, Hillel 1997
    Jerome and the Jews
  • Palmon, Avraham 1985
    The Jewish Community In Vienna Between The Two World Wars, 1918-1938; Continuity And Change In Its Internal Political Life.
  • Pilowsky, Varda (Bar-Shalom) 1974
    N. Syrkin: A Political And Intellectual Biography.
  • Pritz, Ray A. 1981
    The Jewish Christian Sect Of The Nazarenes.
  • Rapaport, Uriel 1965
    Jewish Religious Propaganda And Proselytism In The Period Of The Second Commonwealth.
  • Reiner, Elchanan 1988
    Pilgrims And Pilgrimage To Eretz Yisrael - 1099-1517
  • Rosenstein, Marc 1985
    The Place Of The Jewish Traditon In General Zionist Secondary Education In Palestine, From Its Beginnings Until The Establishment Of The State.
  • Rubinstein, Abraham Haim 1957
    Beginnings Of The Hassidic Movement In Central Poland.
  • Rubinstein, Aryeh 1973
    The Beginnings Of The Reform Movement In American Judaism 1840-1869.
  • Ruderman, David R. 1974
    Abraham Farissol; An Historical Study Of His Life And Thought In The Context Of Jewish Communal Life In Renaissance Italy.
  • Safrai, Shmuel 1958
    The Pilgrimage To The Second Temple.
  • Safrai, Zeev 1978
    Historical Geography Of Eretz Shomron In The Roman Byzantine Period.
  • Schwartz, Daniel R 1979
    Priesthood, Temple, Sacrifices: Opposition And Spiritualization In The Late Second Temple Period.
  • Schwartz, Joshua 1980
    A History Of Jewish Settlement In Southern Judea After The Bar-Kochba War Until The Arab Conquest.
  • Shochat, Azriel 1955
    Beginnings Of Haskalah Among German Jewry In The First Half Of The Eighteenth Century.
  • Shtober, Shimon 1987
    The Historiographic Work Of Joseph Sambari The Author Of Sefer Divrei Yoseph.
  • Soloveitchik, Haym 1972
    Pawn And Surety; Two Studies In Ribbit And Of The Halakah In Exile.
  • Solomon, David 1979
    Reciprocal Spiritual And Cultural Influences Between Diaspora And Eretz Israel Jewry During The Second Temple Era Until The Revolt Under Trajan.
  • Tal, Uriel 1963
    Antisemitism In The Second Reich 1870/1-1914.
  • Tsur, Yaron 1988
    France And The Jews Of Tunisia: The Policy Of The French Authorities Towards The Jews And The Activities Of The Jewish Elite During The Period Of Transition From Muslim Independent State To Colonial Rule, 1873-1888.
  • Tsachor, Zeev 1979
    The Histadrut; The Formative Period.
  • Weiss, Esther
    Israelite Monarchy And The Tribal Factor: Conflict And Compromise From Saul To Jeroboam I.
  • Wasserman, Henry
    Jews, Buergertum And Buergerliche Gesellschaft In A Liberal Era <1840-1880>.
  • Werman, Cana 1995
    The Attitude towards Gentiles in the Book of Jubilees and Qumaran Literature Compared with Early Tanaaic Halakha and Contemporary Pseudepigrapha
  • Yahil, Helena 1964
    The Danish Jews At The Time Of The Holocaust.
  • Yitzhaki,Aharon
    Ahdut Haavoda In The Trade Union And In The Jewish Workers' Association <1919-1926>.
  • Yones, Eliyahu 1993
    Jews of Lvov in the Holocaust, 1941-1944.
  • Zalkin, Mordechai 1996
    Jewish Enlightenment in Russia - 1800-1860.

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