The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Steven E. Ascheim

PERSONAL: Born in Johannesburg, 19.5.1942. Married, three children. Israeli Citizen.

Home Phone: 972-2-6733729

Work address: Department of History, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel

Work Phone: 972-2-5883772/3764

Work Fax: 972-2-5322545

E-Mail: mssteve@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il

ACADEMIC HISTORY: Ph.D. in Modern European History, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1975-1980. M.Sc.(Econ.) in Political Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science, 1964-1965. B.A. University of Witwatersrand, 1961-1963.

MAJOR FIELDS: European Cultural and Intellectual History, German History, German-Jewish History, Modern Jewish History.


2000 - (Summer Semester), Teaching Jewish Cultural and Intellectual History, Freie Universitat, Berlin, Germany.

1998 - (September) Scholar-in-Residence, The Foundation for Jewish Studies, Washington, D.C.

1998 (August) - Appointed Full Professor, Department of History, Hebrew University.

1997-8 (second semester) Guest Researcher, Member of 'History of Emotions' Group. Institute for Advanced Studies, Jerusalem.

1995-6: Member, School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton .

1993 (February) - Appointed Associate Professor, Department of History, Hebrew University.

1989 (1 semester) - Visiting Associate Professor, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California.

1989 (January) - Appointed Senior Lecturer with tenure, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of History.

1982 - Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of History, Lecturer in German Cultural History.

1980-82 Reed College (Portland, Oregon) First Florence T. May Professor of Jewish Studies.

1978 (1 semester) University of Maryland, in Jewish History.

1976-79 University of Wisconsin (Instructor in Integrated Liberal Arts Program).



The German-Jewish Dialogue Revisited (The Efroymson Lectures, 1999) to be published in co-operation with the Hebrew Union College (Cincinnati). [In preparation].

In Times of Crisis: Essays on European Culture, Germans and Jews(Madison: University of Wisconsin, forthcoming, 1999/2000).

Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem, editor, (Berkeley: University of California Press, forthcoming, 1999). Also to appear in Hebrew (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, forthcoming).

Culture and Catastrophe: German and Jewish Confrontations with National Socialism and Other Crises (London and New York: Macmillan and New York University Press, 1996). 210 pp. (Hardback and Paperback).

The Nietzsche Legacy In Germany, 1890-1990 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1992). 337 pp. Paperback edition, 1994. (2nd printing) German translation: Nietzsche und die Deutschen: Karriere eines Kults, tr. Klaus Laermann (Stuttgart: Metzler, Stuttgart, 1996). 385pp.

Brothers and Strangers: The East European Jew in German and German-Jewish
Consciousness, 1800-1923 (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1982). 331 pp. (Paperback Edition, with a new Introduction, to appear in Fall 1999, Wisconsin Press).


'Against Social Science: Jewishness, the Critique of Liberal-Bourgeois Modernity and the (Ambiguous) Legacy of Weimar Theory', to appear in the proceeedings of the August 1998 Oxford Conference on 'Jews and the Social and Biological Sciences.

'George Mosse at 80: A Critical Laudatio', Journal of Contemporary History (forthcoming, 1999).

'The German-Jewish Intellectuals, Nazism and the Holocaust, 1933-1952', to be published in Festschrift for Yehuda Bauer, edited by David Bankier, National Socialist Policy and International Responses to Anti-Semitism and Extermination (Jerusalem, forthcoming, 1999). Also to appear in Hebrew in Proceeedings of the Yad Vashem Conference on 'Zionism and Zionist Policy in the Face of the Shoah', (Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, forthcoming 1998/9).

'On Saul Friedlander', Memory and History Volume 9 (Numbers 1/2), Fall 1997.

'Post-Holocaust Jewish Mirrorings of Germany: Hannah Arendt and Daniel Goldhagen', Tel Aviv Jahrbuch fuer Deutsche Geschichte XXVI (1997).

'German History and German Jewry: Boundaries, Junctions and Interdependencies', Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook 43(forthcoming, 1998).

'Brothers and Strangers Reconsidered' (Roma: Archivio Guido Izzi, 1998). Number I of the series Dialoghi, Facolt? di Lingue E Letterature Straniere: Universit? Degli Studi Della Tuscia, Viterbo.

'Archetypes and the German-Jewish Dialogue: Reflections Occasioned by the Goldhagen Affair', German History 15 (no.2, 1997). Also in German as 'Archetypen und der deutsch-judische Dialog' in: Geschichtwissenschaft und ?ffentlichkeit:

Der Streit um Daniel Goldhagen, ed.Johannes Heil und Rainer Erb(Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Verlag, 1998).

Also to appear in Hebrew in Proceedings of Conference on 'Rethinking German Anti-Semitism, 1890-1933'. Also to appear in Spanish in a volume discussing Daniel Goldhagen's work to be published by Editorial de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (forthcoming).

'Nazism, Culture and The Origins of Totalitarianism: Hannah Arendt and the Discourse of Evil', New German Critique (No.70, Winter 1997). Also to appear in Hebrew in the Leo Baeck Institute Series 'German-Jewish Intellectuals and German Culture' (Jerusalem,forthcoming, 1998). Also to appear in Spanish in a series on 'Violence and Radical and Banal Evil' to be published by Editorial de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (forthcoming). Also to appear in German as the 1998 University of Bremen 'Hannah Arendt Lecture'

'Reconceiving the Holocaust' Daniel Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners', Tikkun Volume 11, (no.4, July-August 1996).

'Nazism and the Holocaust in Western and Israeli Discourse', to be published in the proceedings of May 1995 Jerusalem Koebner Centre International Conference on "`The Third Reich' - 50 Years After" (Hebrew)

'Thinking the Nietzsche Legacy Today - A Historian's Perspective', to be published in the proceedings of the University of Colorado International Conference on '1945-1995: The Changing Face of German Studies' (October 1995).

'Nietzsche, Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, Nietzsche and Jewish Culture', ed. Jacob Golomb (London: Routledge, 1997). In German: 'Nietzsche, Antisemitimus und Rassenmord', in Judischer Nietzscheanismus, edited Werener Stegmaier and Daniel Krochmalnik (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter,1997). Also in German as 'Nietzsche, der Antisemitismus und der Holocaust', in Jacob Golomb,ed., Nietzsche und die judische Kultur, translated by Helmut Dahmer (Vienna: WUV/Universitats-verlag, 1998).

'Nietzsche and Nazism: Some Methodological and Historical Reflections', translation into Hebrew, in 'The Restless Reich - The Second German Reich', ed. O.Heilbronner (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1997).

'Assimilation, German Culture and the `Jewish Spirit': The Moritz Goldstein Affair' in Sander Gilman and Jack Zipes, eds., A History of Jewish Writing in Germany (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1997).

'German Jews Beyond Bildung and Liberalism: The Jewish Radical Revival in the Weimar Republic'. The 1993 Annual Lecture of the Samuel Braun Chair for the Study of Prussian Jewry at Bar-Ilan University. (Bar-Ilan, 1995).Hebrew. English version in Klaus L.Berghahn ed., The German-Jewish Dialogue Reconsidered: A Symposium in Honor of George L. Mosse (New York: Peter Lang, 1996).

'Small Forays, Grand Theories and Deep Origins: Reflections on Current Holocaust
Historiography', Studies in Contemporary Jewry Vol.10(1994).

'World War I, Weimar Culture and the Cult of the Ostjuden' (Hebrew), Weimar and the Jews [Yehudei Weimar: Chevra B'Mashber Ha'moderniut, 1918-1933] Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1994).

'Max Nordau, Friedrich Nietzsche and Degeneration', Max Nordau (Journal of Contemporary History, Vol.28 (1993). Also published in French as 'Max Nordau, Friedrich Nietzsche et D?gen?rescence' in Max Nordau 1849-1923 edited by Delphine Bechtel, Dominique Bourel, Jacques Le Rider (Paris: Les ?ditions du Cerf, 1996).

"Leaders and Masses: Fin-de-Siecle Elitist Theory, 1890-1914", Leadership [in Hebrew] (Open University, forthcoming).

"Nietzsche and the Nietzschean Moment in German Jewish Life (1890-1939)", in Leo Baeck Institute Year Book XXXVII (1992) [Also to be published in Hebrew]"Nietzsche and the German Radical Right, 1914-1933",in The Intellectual Revolt against Liberal Democracy, 1890-1945 (Jerusalem: Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 1996). Also published in French: "Nietzsche et la droite radicale allemande, 1914-1933" in Zeev Sternhell, ed., L'Eternel Retour: Contre la democratie l'ideologie de la decadence (Paris: Presses De La Fondation Nationale Des Sciences Politiques, 1994). pp.73-96. Also published in Portuguese: "Nietzsche e a direita
radical alema - 1914-1933" Risco, no.17/18, 1992.pp.73-87]

"Nietzsche and National Socialism", Michael XIII (1993).

"Between East and West: Reflections on Migration and the Making of German-Jewish Identity, 1800-1880", Studia Rosenthaliana Volume XXIII, 2 (Fall 1989), Special Issue.

"The German-Jewish Legacy beyond America: A South African Example" in The German-Jewish Legacy in America, 1938-1988: A Symposium in American Jewish Archives XL (Number 2, November 1988). Also published in book form as The German-Jewish Legacy in America 1938-1988: From "Bildung" to the Bill of Rights, edited and introduced by Abraham J.Peck (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1988).

"Between Rationality and Irrationalism: George Mosse, the Holocaust and European Cultural History", Simon Wiesenthal Centre Annual 5(1988). "History, Politics and National Memory: The German Historikerstreit", Survey of Jewish Affairs (1988).

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"Nietzschean Socialism - Left and Right (1890-1933)", The Journal of Contemporary History 23 (no.2, April 1988).

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'Zarathustra in the Trenches: The Nietzsche Myth and World War I', in Religion, Ideology and Nationalism in Europe and America (Jerusalem: The Historical Society of Israel, 1986).

''The Jew Within': The Myth of `Judaization' in Germany", in J.Reinharz and W.Schatzberg, eds., The Jewish Response to German Culture (Hanover and London: University Press of New England, 1985). (Paperback, 1991).

"The East European Jew and German Jewish Identity", Studies in Contemporary Jewry I(1984).

"Eastern Jews, German Jews and Germany's World War I Ostpolitik", Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook XXVIII (1983). "The Double Exile: Weimar Culture and the East European Jews", in M.Dobkowski and I. Wallimann,eds., Towards the Holocaust: Anti-Semitism and Fascism in Weimar Germany (Westport: Greenwood Press, 1983).

"Caftan and Cravat: The Ostjude as a Cultural Symbol in the Development of German Anti-Semitism", in S.Drescher, D.Sabean, A.Sharlin, eds, Political Symbolism in Modern Europe (New Brunswick: Transaction Books, 1982).

"From Myth to Counter-Myth: The Romanticization of the Eastern Jew (1880-1914)", Immigrants and Minorities I (no.3, November 1982).

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Geoffrey Hartman, ed., Bitburg in Moral and Political Perspective in Patterns of Prejudice 22 (no.1, 1988).

Werner E.Mosse, et al., Revolution and Evolution: 1848 in German-Jewish History and W.Grab, et al, Juden im Vormaerz und in der Revolution von 1848 in Studies in
Contemporary Jewry II (1986).

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Association of Jewish Studies Newsletter (no.33, Winter 1983).

Rainer C.Baum, The Holocaust and the German Elite: Genocide and National Suicide in Germany, 1871-1945, The American Historical Review 87 (no.4, October 1982).


"Foreword" to Milton Shain, The Roots of Antisemitism in South Africa (Charlottesville and
London: University Press of Virginia, 1994).


1998 (August) - Appointed Corresponding Editor of the Hannah Arendt Newsletter (a project of the Institut fuer Politikwissenschaft, Hannover University and the New School for Social Research, New York).

1998 (May) - Appointed Member of the Academic Committee of the Dinur Institute for Research in Jewish History.

1997 (October) - Appointed Editor of Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem Series of Publications on 'German-Jewish Intellectuals and German Culture'.

1997 (January) - Appointed Member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Franz Rosenzweig Centre, Hebrew University.

1997(January) - Elected Member of the Executive Board, Leo Baeck Institute, Jerusalem.

1995-6 Member of School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.

1996 - Historical Adviser on Multi-Media Project, Yad Vashem

1995 - Advisory Committee on Planning for the Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv.

1995 - Appointed Member of the Founding Editorial Board of Israel Historical Society new Journal 'Historia' (responsible for the Modern History section)

1993 - Apppointed Member of the Governing Council of the Jerusalem Leo Baeck Institute Research Fellow and Guest of the Max Planck Institut fuer Geschichte, Goettingen (October-November 1988)

Research Fellow and Guest of the Historische Kommission zu Berlin (Summer 1985)

Appointed Member of the Advisory Board of the Anti-Defamation League (New York) International Center for Holocaust Studies (1985)

University of Wisconsin - Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award for Outstanding Research in the Social Sciences (1983)

One of three final nominees for the American Jewish National Book Award in the "Scholarship" Category (1983) for Brothers and Strangers

Awarded Mark H. Ingraham Book Prize of the University of Wisconsin Press for Brothers and Strangers (1982)

Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Grants (1979/80; 1976/77)

E.B. Fred Fellow at the University of Wisconsin (1977 and 1976)


1999 (October) - Delivering the Efroymsen Memorial Lectures on 'The German-Jewish Dialogue Revisited' Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio. (To be published as a book in co-operation with the HUC-JIR Press).

1999 (October) - Delivering the Henrietta Harvey Distinguished Lecture at St.Johns University, Newfoundland, Canada. Topic still to be decided.

1999 (July 27-1st August) - 20t G.I.F. Meeting: 'History and Culture of Germany Jewry', Schloss Elmanu, Germany.

1999 (June) - Conference on 'Intellectuals and the Weimar Republic', Bar-Ilan University. Topic still to be decided.

1999 (March 8) - Discussant at International Conference on 'Wars, Revolution and Generational Identity', Yitzchak Rabin Center, Tel Aviv.

1999 (January) - Deutsche Bank Lecture Series 'Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft', 'The Weimar Jewish Revival: Beyond Bildung and Liberalism', at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat, Frankfurt am Main.

1998 (October 6) - 'The Annual Lazeroff Lecture' on 'Hannah Arendt and Daniel Goldhagen: Archetypes, Contesting Models and Radical Paradigms', Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

1998 (October 5), 'Rethinking German History and German Jewry', Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

1998(October 1) - Lecture on 'Beyond Liberalism: The Jewish Radical Revival in the Weimar Republic', at the New School for Social Research, New York.

1998 (September 19) - Lecture on 'The Culture of Fascism', Conference on the Occasion of George L.Mosse's 80th Birthday, Madison, Wisconsin.

1998 (September) - Scholar-in-Residence, The Foundation for Jewish Studies, Washington, D.C. (Lectured, among other places, at the Library of Congress, the Holocaust Museum, the German and Austrian Embassies, the World Bank/IMF, Georgetown University, Catholic University, George Washington University, University of Maryland, the Martin Luther King Library.)

1998 (August) - International Conference on 'Jews and the Social and the Biological Sciences', Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, England. Paper:'Against Social Science: Jewishness, The Critique of Liberal-Bourgeois Modernity and the (Ambiguous) Legacy of Weimar Theory'.

1998 (July 6) - 'The Annual Hannah Arendt Lecture', on 'Hannah Arendt and Daniel Goldhagen: Post-Holocaust Jewish Mir rorings of Germany' at the University of Bremen.

1998 (June 29-July 3) - Visiting Lecturer, Department of History, University of Bielefeld. Public Lecture on 'Archetypes and the German-Jewish Dialogue' and a graduate seminar on Culture and Catastrophe.

1998 (June 24) - Lecture on 'The Goldhagen Affair' on the occasion of the publication of Geschichtswissenschaft und ?ffentlichkeit, ed. J.Heil (Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Verlag, 1998)at the Brecht Berliner Ensemble, Berlin, Germany.

1998 (June 25) - Lecture on 'Thinking German Jewry and German History Anew' at the Freie Universitat, Berlin.

1998 (May 24th) - Lecture on 'German History and German Jewry' at the Leo Baeck Institute Seminar of German and Israeli Historians on 'Ideology and Historiography', Jerusalem.

1998 (January 14) - Lecture on 'Jewish Intellectuals, Culture and the Weimar Republic' at the Museum of the Diaspora, Tel Aviv.

1997 (December) - Paper 'On Saul Friedlander' at Conference celebrating the appearance of his new book Nazi Germany and the Jews, Van Leer, Jerusalem (Hebrew).

1997 (December) Organizer of International Conference of the Koebner Centre for German History on 'Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem?. Paper on 'Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem'.

1997 (November) - Participant in Koebner Centre/Goethe Institute Colloquium on 'Israel and the European Inheritance'. Roundtable: 'Israel: A European Product?'

1997 (November) - Conference of the International Center for Holocaust Studies (Yad Vashem, Jerusalem) on 'Zionism, the Shoah and Zionist Policy'. Paper on 'German-Jewish Intellectuals, Nazism and the Holocaust, 1933-1952' (Hebrew).

1997 (October) - Lecture at the Centre for European Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. on 'Rethinking German History and German Jewry'.

1997 (October) - International Conference on 'Representations of the Holocaust' at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Paper on 'American, German and Israeli Receptions of Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners'

1997 (May) - International Conference on 'Mirroring Germany: Imagination, Representation, Memory', at Tel; Aviv Aviv University. Paper on 'Post-Holocaust Mirrorings of Germany: Arendt and Goldhagen as Extreme Paradigms'.

1997 (May) - Speaker at Panel on 'The Goldhagen Polemic: What Shook the World' (Hebrew), Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, Bar Ilan University.

1997(May 12-15) International Conference on 'Genocide, Religion and Modernity', Washington D.C. Paper on: 'Nietzsche, Anti-Christianity and Other Theories of Genocide'.

1997 (May 3-5)International Conference of Center of Interdisciplinary Research, University of Bielefeld on 'Apocalypse. Paper on 'Apocalyptic Thinking and the Radical Jewish Revival in the Weimar Republic'. [Invited - unable to attend.]

1997 (April) - Participant in Jerusalem Leo Baeck Institute Roundtable on 'Hannah Arendt: Jewishness, German Culture and Nazism'.

1997 (April)- Lecture at seminar devoted to Brothers and Strangers Reconsidered (fifteeen years after its publication) at Universita? Degli Studi Della Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy.

1997 (March) External Examiner of Ph.D on Martin Buber at St.Johns College, Oxford University 1997 (January) International Conference on 'Integrating Jewish and European History', Jerusalem. Paper on 'German History and German Jewry: Boundaries, Junctions and Interdependence', Jerusalem.

1996 (November 26-28) Int. Conference on 'German Antisemitism Reconsidered', Paper on 'Archetypes and the German-Jewish Dialogue: Reflections Occasioned by the Goldhagen Affair.' Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1996 (October 21-23), International Conference on 'Anti-Semitism, Paganism and V?lkisch Religion', Jerusalem. Paper on: 'Nietzschean Neo-Pagan Religions in Germany, 1890-1945'.

1996 (April 19th) - Princeton University, History Symposium on 'Scholars, Madmen and Luftmenschen: German Jews between Bildung and Breakdown'. Paper on 'Hermann Broch and the Limits of German-Jewish Dialogue'.

1996 (April 11-13),'History and Memory': Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference. Society for the Humanities, Public Lecture: 'New Directions and Issues in Holocaust Historiography'.

1995 December - University of Pennsylvania conference on 'Hannah Arendt: Between Europe and the United States', 'Culture, Nazism and The Origins of Totalitarianism: Hannah Arendt and the Discourse of Evil'.

1995 November - Paper on 'Jewish Apocalyptic Thinking and the Weimar Republic', Seminar on Messianism, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.

1995 October - Paper on "The Limits of the German-Jewish Dialogue: The Correspondence of Hermann Broch and Volkmar von Zuehlsdorff (1945-1949)" at International symposium on "1945-1995: The Changing Faces of German Studies", University of Colorado, Boulder

1995 - September - Paper on "Nietzsche, Antisemitism and the Holocaust" at International Conference on "Juedischer Nietzscheanismus", Ernst Moritz Arndt University, Greifswald, Germany [invited - unable to attend].

1995 - June - International Conference on "Women and the Holocaust", The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Respondent.

1995 - June - Paper on "Nietzsche and the German Radical Right, 1914-1933" at International Conference on "Radical Conservativism", University of Lund, Sweden

1995 - May. Paper on " Nazism and the Holocaust in Western and Israeli Discourse" at International Conference on "National Socialism - 50 Years After", Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1995 - April. Paper on "George Mosse and the Integration of European and Jewish History at International Consultation on "Integration of Jewish History into Modern History Curricula" Project, sponsored by the Israel Historical Society and others.

1995 - January. Lecture on "Nietzsche, Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust", Colloquium, Tel Aviv University.

1994 (October 14th-16th) 1994 (October 7th-8th, "Thinking the Nietzsche Legacy Today - A Historian's Perspective", International Conference on "Nietzsche Today", New York University.

1993 (October) - "Hannah Arendt and Karl Jaspers: The German-Jewish Dialogue as Personal Event", International Conference on "The German-Jewish Dialogue: Two Centuries of a Non-Event '", Madison, Centre for Humanities, University of Wisconsin.

1993 (June) - Annual Lecture of the Chair for the Study of Prussian Jewry at Bar-Ilan University on "German Jews Beyond Liberalism and Bildung - The Case of Weimar Culture and Jewish Radicalism".

1992 (July) - "Max Nordau, Friedrich Nietzsche and Degeneration", at the International Conference on Max Nordau: Parisian Writer, German Philosopher, Zionist Activist (sponsored by the Universities of Paris; Maison des Sciences de l'Homme and the City of Paris.)

1992 (June) - Paper on "Leaders and Masses: Fin-de-Siecle Elitist Theory and the Rise of Mass Society" within the framework of the Open University Seminar on "Leadership" (to be published as a book).

1990 (June) - Paper on "Nietzsche and the German Radical Right, 1914-1933" at the International Talmon Conference on "Intellectuals and Anti-Democracy", Jerusalem.

1989 (December) Paper on "Nietzsche and National Socialism" on "Fascism - National Socialism - Antisemitism" Bar-Ilan University.

1988 (November) Paper on "Migration and the Formation of German-Jewish Identity, 1800-1880" in Conference on Jewish Migration under the auspices of the Jewish Museum and the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Weetenschappen.

1987 (November) Participant in Leo Baeck Institute Conference on "Deutsch-juedische Geschichte: Zur Entwicklung der historischen Forschung und Darstellung seit 1945" at Schloss Ringberg, Tegersee.

1987 (April) Paper on "Atrocity, Intellectual History and the German Sonderweg", at R.Koebner Chair of German History Conference, Hebrew University, Jerusalem on "The German Sonderweg".

1986 (April) Paper on "Regeneration, Nietzschean Socialism and Worker's Culture" at Conference on "Worker's Culture in Germany and Israel", Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1986 (March) Lecture on "New Approaches to Historical Study of Anti-Semitism", Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon.

1986 (March) Delivered two lectures: "Vienna: Harbinger of Creativity and Catastrophe"; "Herzl, Jews and Other Viennese" at Northwest Institute of Jewish Studies Conference on "The Vienna of Herzl and Freud", Portland, Oregon.

1986 (March) Delivered two guest lectures at University of Washington, Seattle: "Nietzsche Reception and the Nietzsche Myth" (to the German Colloqium); "Jewish Intellectuals and Fin-de-Siecle Vienna" (History and Jewish Studies Colloquia).

1985 (June) Retirement proceedings of Prof. G. Mosse from the Hebrew University. Lecture on "George Mosse - The Man and the Work".

1983 (October) Paper on "Judentum and Deutschtum as a Form of Discourse" at International Conference on "German Jews and German Culture", Worcester, Mass.

1983 (July) Delivered Paper on "Secular Religion and Totalitarian Ideology", Historical Society of Israel Conference on "State and Religion", Jerusalem.

1981 (December) Delivered paper on: "The Battle for Eastern Jewry: German Jewry and Germany's World War I Ostpolitik" in Symposium on "Jewish Politics and the West European Powers in the Twentieth Century: Germany, France, Italy", at 96th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, Los Angeles, Calif.

1981 (April) Delivered paper on "The Old and the New in German Anti-Semitism", at Conference on "Cross-Cultural Studies and `Human Nature'", State University of Kansas, Wichita, Kansas.

1981 (March) Keynote address to Jewish Historical Society of Oregon Conference: "The Tradition of Memory in non-traditional times: a modern dilemma", Portland, Or.

1980 (October) Inaugural Lecture of Florence T.May Professorship of Jewish Studies, Reed College: "Jewish Studies in the Secular Context", Portland, Or.


Over the years have given many public lectures to lay audiences in the USA, Europe and Israel on topics related to my work and publications.

1973-75 Curriculum Director and Education Coordinator of Kiriat Moriah, the central educational institution of the Jewish Agency in Israel.

1971-73 Taught at the Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad, Jerusalem

1968-75 Taught at the Arad Graduate Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

1969-70 Researcher and writer for the Encyclopaedia Judaica (in section devoted to
Contemporary Jewry)

1968-70 Researcher in international project on "Post-War Jewish Community Reconstruction".

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