The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

AHARON KEDAR (retired)

Past director, The Ben-Zion Dinur Institute for Research in Jewish History.

Lecturer in the Department of Jewish History and Coordinator of the Inter- faculty Section for the History of the Labor movement at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


1. The Brith Shalom Association 1925-1933. M.A. thesis resulting from studies in

the Department of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1967,

250 pp. Unpublished.

2. The Political and Ideological Development of Hakibbutz Hameuchad (1933-

1942). Ph.D. dissertation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1984, 2 volumes,

XIV + 525 pp. This is to be published by Yad Tabenkin and Hakibbutz

Hameuchad Publihing House.


Books Edited

3. Chapters in the History of the Jewish Community in Jerusalem, Vol. 1,

Scientific Editor - Aharon Kedar, Linguistic Editor - Ben-Zion Yehoshua, Yad

Itzhak Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem, 1973, 342 pp. (New editions in 1977, 1978 and 1979).

4. Ideological and Political Zionism, collected Historical Studies, Scientific Editor -

Aharon Kedar, Linguistic Editor - Ben-Zion Yehoshua, the Zalman Shazar Center,

Jerusalem 1978, 152 pp. (First printing January 1978, Second printing April 1978,

third printing September 1979, fourth printing November 1980).

5. Eretz Israel from a Community to a State, selected Chapters in Jewish History for

Ulpanim, Editor - Reuven-Bar-Sever, Scientific Advisor - Aharon Kedar,

Jerusalem 1982, 126 pp.


* The Publications are in Hebrew, unless otherwise stated.



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a Political Association, Proceedings of the Sixth World Congress of Jewish

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12. The German Immigration, as an Apolitical Opposition in Hakibbutz Hameuchad

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Movement (1935-1941), in Proceedings of the Eighth World Congress of Jewish

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the Institute for the Study of the Kibbutz and the Labor Movement, Efal 1987,

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Third Symposium on the Study of the History of the Youth Movements, Yad

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18. Yitzchak Zuckerman - The Polish Exodus: on the 'Bricha' and the Reconst-

tion of the Pioneer Movement (Eds. S. Derech, S. Even-Shoshan, Y. Hellmann),

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19. Die Einwanderung aus Deutschland als apoltische Opposition in der Vereinigten

Kibbutzbewegung zur Zeit der funften Aliah, in: Hebraische Beitrage zur

Wissentschaft des Judentums deutsch angezeight, Jahrgang VI, Heidelberg 1990,

pp. 63-75.

20. The Position of Hakibbutz Hameuchad on the Issue of the borders of the

Zionist enterprize and the State of Israel, in Proceedings of the Tenth World

Congress of Jewish Studies, Vol. 1, Jerusalem 1990, pp. 415-422.

21. The Kibutz Hameuchad as a Melting Pot, in the anthology 60 Years of the

Kibbutz Hameuchad, Yad Tabenkin 1991, pp. 110-115. in English

22. Kalman Marmor - an Intellectual's Course in the Jewish Labor Movement -

Early Findings, the First period in the U.S., to be printed by YIVO.

23. The Struggle of Ukrainean Jews for National Autonomy 1917-1920.

Center for Research and Documentaion of East European Jewry, to be published.

24. 'Eretz Israel' in the Outlook of Kalman Marmor, in the Proceedings of the

Eleventh World Congress of Jewish Studies, Division B, Vol. V, Modern

Times, Jerusalem 1994, pp. 213-218.

25. 'Brith Shalom' and the Labor Movement. To be published.

26. Responses in the Eretz Israel Labor Movement to the Vienna uprising of

February 1934 (in preparation).


My research interests include:

- Eastern European Jewry, especially Russia from the last quarter of the 19th century on.

- The Jewish Labor Movement from its beginning.

- The Eretz Israel Labor Movement.

- The Arab problem in the Yishuv and in the Zionist Movement.

- The Yishuv and the Zionist Movement.

- The Kibbutz Movement.

- Oral history, its creation and applicability to research.


Currently I am engaged in:

(1) Reactions in the Eretz Israel Labor Movement to the Vienna Rebellion of February 1934.

(2) Kalman Marmor: An intellectual's course in the Jewish Labor Movement.


Over the years I have been teaching the following courses (all in Hebrew):

1. Introduction to Modern Jewish History (Exercise).

2. Emigration of the Jews from Eastern Europe, 1881-1905.

3. Zionist Policy during the Mandatory Periods.

4. The Jewish Labor Movement in Eastern Europe from its Beginning to 1905.

5. From Yishuv to State - the New Jewish Settlement and the Zionist Movement

from their Origins till the Establishment of the State of Israel.

6. Introduction to the Eretz Israel Labor Movement.

7. The Labor Movement in the Zionist and Yishuv Politics, 1933-1945.

8. The Labor Movement's Struggle for Hegemony in Zionism and the Yishuv, 1929-1939.

9. Oral History as a Source and as a Research Tool.

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