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The Dinur Center has started a new pilot project - The "Kuntresim" Internet Project. Over the years the Dinur Center has published a well known series called "Kuntresim". We are now in the process of scanning and producing PDF files of Kuntresim that are out of print. These files are stored on the web for the public. Please let us know your opinion about our new project.

Series A


2. Diary and Letters From Voyages: Palestine in the 1830's.
- Introduction by I. Bartal (Hebrew)
- L. Loewe, Letters from a Voyage to Palestine (1838) Part 1, Part 2 (Hebrew).
- Lady J. Montefiore, Notes From a Private Journal of a Visit to Egypt and Palastine (1839), London, 1844
-Extracts From Some of the Reports, Letters and Addresses Received by Sir Moses Montefiore (1839).


8. Chassidiana [writings opposing the Hassidim] Ed. by S. Dubnow (ed.): (1918).


13. Agobard, Bishop of Lyons: Epistolae Contra Judaeos, Transl. by A. Gilboa.

Series B


1. Rudin, Dragomanov, Axelrod: Essays from the Years 1880-1882. Transl. by M. Mishkinsky and M. Moyal.


14. The City of London: Public Meetings Against the Persecution of the Jews of Russia (1882, 1880)

Series C


5. Judith Montefiore, Private Journal of a visit to Egypt and Palestine, Photocopy of the London edition, 1836 (pages 128-234) Introduction: I. Bartal


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