The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Stampfer, Shaul (emeritus)


Born - Atlanta Georgia 1948. Graduated Lincoln High School 1965. BA Yeshiva University 1970. Yeshivat Kerem BeYavne 1967 - 1968, 1970 - 1971. Ph.D. Hebrew University 1982. Postgraduate Study Harvard +University 1982 - 1983. Institute for Jewish Studies in the USSR, Moscow 1989 - 1992.



The Formation of the Lithuanian Yeshiva (Jerusalem, 1995) Hebrew.


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18). "The Controversy over Shechita and the Struggle Between Hasidim and Mitnagdim" (Forthcoming in Piekarz Jubilee Volume) Hebrew.

19). Jewish Education in Eastern Europe and Moslem Education in North Africa - A Comparative Study (forthcoming in Studia Judaica / Cluj Romania) English.

20). How Many Jews Died in the Chmielnicki Uprising (1648 - 1650) (forthoming in a Bar Ilan volume on the Chmielnicki uprising) English.

Courses Taught (a selection):

1). Introduction to Modern East European Jewish History

2). Economic History of Jews in Eastern Europe

3). Demographic History of Jews in Eastern Europe

4). Sex, Family and Death in East European Jewish History

5). Emigration and Settlement in East European Jewish History

6). Communication and Society in Jewish History

7). History of Jewish Education in Eastern Europe

8). Jews and Other Minorities in Eastern Europe

9). Rabbinate and Yeshivot in Eastern Europe

Lecture topics: Same as courses I have taught.


Abstracts of Current Research:

A demographic history of Eastern Europe:

The modern period was characterized by major shifts in demographic patterns, both among Jews and non-Jews. Shifts in the death rates, especially among children, led to an increase in family size and rapid growth in population. This was accompanied by shifts in marriage patterns both in terms of the percentage of those marrying and in marriage age. Differentials in these changes affected the make-up of the various communities and indirectly had an impact on patterns of migration and economic growth.

Subscription lists as an historical source:

Much of the current research on the crystallization of ideological groupings in East European Jewry has concentrated on the attitudes of leaders and central figures with little attention paid to the members of the movements. This was largely because we have few sources on their positions. The subscription lists, often appended to books, offers such a source of information. A computerized data bank of these sources makes it possible to identify shifts in support by those individuals who could afford to order books in advance.

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