The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Linder, Amnon


Born 1937, Haifa; Ph.D. 1967, Univ. of Dijon; Lect. 1967; Sen. Lect. 1977; Assoc. Prof. 1983; Prof. 1988; Dean, Faculty of Humanities, 1988-1991; Conrad Black Professor of Ancient and Medieval History.

Research Interests:

Intellectual history of medieval Europe, with special emphasis on the attitudes towards Jerusalem, Jews and Judaism. The transition from Late Antiquity to the early Middle Ages.

Abstracts of Current Research:

The evolution of the Liberation-of-Jerusalem liturgy:

This study analyzes the evolution of the special liturgical observances evolved during the twelfth century in the Crusaders' Kingdom of Jerusalem to commemorate the liberation of the city in 1099.

The evolution of the legal status of the Jews from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages:

This study surveys all the legal sources bearing on the subject, with the aim of compiling a complete legal corpus and analyzing the main currents of the relevant legal thought and practice.

Medieval attitudes to the theme of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple:

This study surveys all the relevant material with the aim of providing critical editions of hitherto unpublished sources in the framework of the Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio Medievalis.

Key words: Europe, Middle Ages; Jews, Middle Ages

Recent Publications:

Linder, A. (1992) Ps. Ambrose's Anacephaleosis - A Carolingian discourse on the destruction of Jerusalem. Revue d'histoire des textes, 22: 145-158.

Linder, A. (1993) Aspects du retour aux ?critures au Moyen Age: le cas de Jerusalem. In: Les Retours aux ?critures; Fondamentalismes pr?sents et pass?s, eds. E. Patlagean and A. Le Boulluec, Paris, Biblioth?que de l'Ecole des Hautes ?tudes, Section des Sciences Religieuses, vol.99, Louvain/Paris, Peeters, pp.343-355.

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