The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Paul, Shalom M.

Born 1936, Philadelphia; Ph.D. 1965, Univ. of Pennsylvania; Visiting Sen. Lect. 1969; Sen. Lect. 1971; Assoc. Prof. 1985; Prof. 1991.

E-mail: shalom@h2.hum.huji.ac.il
Tel: 972-2-588-3530;
Fax: 972-2-532-2545

Research Interests:

The Bible and the ancient Near East: language, culture, law. Biblical prophecy and biblical religion.

Abstracts of Current Research:

The Book of Second Isaiah:

A thematic, conceptual and exegetical commentary is in preparation which emphasizes both its inner literary composition and extra-biblical discoveries (primarily from Mesopotamia).

Biblical terms and expressions:

Technical and enigmatic biblical terms and expressions are clarified with the aid of Akkadian sources.

Recent Publications:

Paul, S. M. Biblical analogues to Middle Assyrian law. In: Religion and Law: Biblical-Judaic and Islamic Perspectives, eds. E.B. Firmage, B.G. Weiss and J.W. Welch, Winona Lake, IN, Eisenbrauns, 1990, pp.333-350.

Paul, S. M. (1991) Amos: A Commentary on the Book of Amos. Hermeneia Series - A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible, Minneapolis, Fortress and Augsburg Press, xxvii + 409 pp.

Paul, S. M. (1991) Polysensuous polyvalency in poetic parallelism. In: Sha`arei Talmon: Studies in the Bible, Qumran, and the Ancient Near East Presented to Shemaryahu Talmon, eds. M. Fishbane and E. Tov, with the assistance of W.W. Fields, Winona Lake, IN, Eisenbrauns, pp.147-163.

Paul, S. M. (1992) Exodus 1:21: "To found a family": A Biblical and Akkadian idiom. In: Let your Colleagues Praise You: Studies in Memory of Stanley Gevirtz, Part II (Maarav, 8), eds. R.J. Ratner et al., pp.139-142.

Paul, S. M. (1992) Gleanings from the Biblical and Talmudic Lexica in light of Akkadian. In: Minhah le-Nahum: Biblical and Other Studies Presented to N.M. Sarna, eds. M. Brettler and M. Fishbane, Sheffield, JSOT Press, pp.242-256.

Paul, S. M. (1993) Decoding a "joint" expression in Daniel 5: 6,16. In: Comparative Studies in Honor of Yochanan Muffs (Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 22), eds. E.L. Greenstein and D. Marcus, pp.121-128.

Paul, S. M. (1993) From Mari to Daniel: Instructions for the acceptance of servants into the royal court. In: Eretz Israel (Avraham Malamat Volume), 22: 161-163 (Hebrew).

Paul, S. M. (1994) Expressions for premature death in Semitic languages. In: The Bible in the Light of Its Interpreters - Sarah Kamin Memorial Volume, ed. S. Japhet, Jerusalem, Magnes Press, pp.575-586 (Hebrew).

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