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Romania and its Jews from the Great War to the Holocaust: Historiography, Voices, Testimonies and Memoirs
Conference at the Hebrew University , June 14th, 2016
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Conference: History, Literature and Culture in Bukovina Romania's  "Multi-Kulti" region
The Conference will be held at the Meirsdorf House (room 502) at the Mount Scopus Campus on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

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About Us
The Center for Research on Romanian Jewry was established in 1973. The Center is aimed at promoting research on Romanian Jewry; gathering information and documentation on the history of the Romanian Jewish community; fostering ties with cultural institutions in Romania and institutions set up by Romanians now living in the Diaspora, including those established by Bessarabians, Bukovinians and Transylvanians. The center has a unique collection of books and archival materials. It holds scholarly conferences and seminars dedicated to the history of Romanian Jewry. Once in three academic years the Center awards a prize on the name of the late Maier Rudich, to encourage research on subjects related to history, civilization, and arts of Romanian Jewry.

The Library:
The Library holds about 14.000 volumes organized by topics such as: the history of Jews in Romania, Judaica (general), Jewish literature (Jewish writers of Romanian origin), Romanian literature, the history of Romania, bibliographical publications and miscellaneous. The library also contains a collection of Jewish and Romanian newspapers (about 550 titles) and a collection of offprint (250 copies).

The Archive:
The Archive of the Center for Research on Romanian Jewry holds archival materials related to the past and the present of the Romanian Jewry. The materials stored in the archive include a rich collection of newspaper clippings, articles and documents arranged in more than 200 file folders according to topics such: personalities-biographies; Jewish communities in Romania; education and schools; the Jewish press; Jewish theatre; the Zionist movement; immigration; anti-Semitism; the Holocaust period, Romanian Avant-garde and others.
The archive hold at present over 15 private archives that include documents (originals and copies), correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, microfilms, CDs and video cassettes.

The library and the archive are open to public.
Please contact the archivist prior to your visit with the details of your request and arrival date.
Archivist: Dr. Miriam Caloianu E-mail: rumjewry@mail.huji.ac.il Phone: 972-549-108822

Current Projects
*A guide to archival material in the history of Romanian Jewry in public and private archives in Israel.

*An annotated bibliography of the Jewish periodicals in Romania

*Preparation of a volume of documents dedicate to Horia Carp (1869-1943), a renowned Romanian-Jewish politician and publicist during the inter-war period. Carp immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1941. The volume includes original materials on his political and public activities in Romania and particularly his last years of life

Academic Director: Prof. Uzi Rebhun
Archivist: Dr. Miriam Caloianu

The Center for Research on Romanian Jewry at the Hebrew University 
Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, Rabin Building for Jewish
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Tel. 972-2-5881672
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E. Mail: rumjewry@mail.huji.ac.il

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